Slice of Life Trial Run #1

So, I need to write. I need to write more often to help my students. Hmm. I am not sure I have a really strong voice. Yet. Carol whats-her-name, oh, Dweck says I should luxuriate in the power of yet, but it still kind of feels like stretching myself too thin.

Random moment from my life yesterday went like this:

My daughter walked toward me off of the basketball court. There was a moment she tried not to cry. It didn’t hold long, so the tears fell down her bright pink face. Pink from crying, pink from exerting all her muscular systems for a full hour. She ran the court, jumped into defensive positions, blocked shots, got rebounds, stole the ball — all for an hour. The exhaustion got to her, and she broke down after holding up.

1009921_10206906448173162_1333975700811333955_nMy daughter:)

I was there to hug her. I was her coach, yet I needed her in that moment just as much as she needed me, so we embraced as the other team huddled and cheered and got ready to shake our hands. We let all of that happen while we felt the tough side of grit in a tight embrace.

How many moments had I questioned my decision to coach her team? I was too busy, my cancer-fighting teenage son needed me, I was stale in my coaching skills, I needed to grade papers — the list could go on. But in that moment, I got to be there. . . and not just as a spectator. I got to experience it with her. I would not have given that up for a thousand papers graded.224067_1038698461159_9807_nMe, back in the day playing ball:)

We lost in sudden-death overtime. Overtime would have been for the weak. We maximized the losing experience with sudden death. Funny thing about sudden death: we didn’t actually die — we lived life fully — together.

15 thoughts on “Slice of Life Trial Run #1

  1. First, WELCOME to Slicing! I’m delighted you’ve decided to join us for the March Challenge and am even happier you’ve tested the waters a week early.

    You’ve got it! You linked properly and shared a poignant moment with us. In fact, if it would be okay with you, I’d love to feature your brave writing as a “Be Inspired” piece during the first five days of the March Slice of Life Story Challenge. If that would be okay, please shoot me an email back later today at stacey[at]staceyshubitz[dot]com to let me know. I only share people’s writing on TWT with their permission.

    I’m glad you were there for your daughter yesterday. You embraced the moment and lived fully together. How beautiful.

  2. Welcome to our writing community! What a lovely slice – one that captures the many hats we mothers wear…and how much this means to our kids.

  3. Wow! What a fabulous first post! You really captured a powerful moment for you and your daughter. I especially liked your final line. Keep on writing!

  4. I am so impressed at this first slice! Thank you for sharing. You have very full hands and are making time for this – truly an inspiration. I have loved blogging with Two Writing Teachers; I hope you do, too.

  5. Cheers on your first post to slice of life! I am also trying it out for the first time. You have really captured a moment here!! It took me right back to my sister’s days of playing ball. Those were the days…

  6. Wow! Yay for you. Congratulations on being brave and doing it. The first press of the “Publish” button is the hardest. I’m so glad you’re here. Your daughter is adorable. And you’re a great teacher for getting on and trying what you’re teaching. And you’re a wonderful mom for getting out there and coaching too!

  7. I loved your post. So glad you’re joining Slice of Life. I’ve been slicing for a short amount of time but it’s getting easier each time.

  8. Welcome to Slice of Life! I haven’t done it long, and not every week either. Keep at it. Carol Dweck is right on this one. Lovely picture of your daughter, and I enjoyed the story about coaching.

  9. Thank you for sharing your SLICE with us! Welcome to a wonderful world! The TWO WRITING TEACHERS blog is the best — it really is! It won an award! I’m so happy you decided to join our awesome group! Jennifer Sniadecki

  10. Love this! We are together on this journey…I have a new blog & posted my first slice today as well. Thank you for sharing this great story about being in the moment with your daughter. A memory for both of you for sure!

  11. I read this yesterday and didn’t comment but thought the same as Stacey. It is perfect for inspiration for all the other new slicers! It such a short life story you captured. I am impartial to the intro. It’s funny – “Carol whats-her-name, oh, Dweck says I should luxuriate in the power of yet, but it still kind of feels like stretching myself too thin.”

    You have one of those voice that others can easily relate with.:)

  12. This is honestly so cool. If my mom or dad coached me, we would not get a long like you and your daughter did. Win or lose, being a perfectionist when it comes to sports and having high expectations for myself, would have found something from my performance to be upset about.

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