Slice of Life March Challenge — Green with Envy

I was driving down the highway with my brain full of complexities — silly complexities, when I noticed a patch of green in the field. I had been looking for something green for about a week. I always love that one moment of spring when I find the first green thing. Well, I smiled to myself, there was my first green moment of this spring.

The winter here was snowy and long, punctuated by a nine-day drought of happiness, sometimes called an inversion. During an inversion in our mountain valley, a high pressure system moves in and camps out on top of all of our cold, smoggy air and just clamps it down so tight, I can’t see trees or horses or anything until I’m about right on top of it, and the temperature gets to be a balmy 20 degrees in the day, when the sun is supposed to be out. We just have to assume the sun is still there at about day three of this muck.

I wanted an inspiring green moment after a winter like that, but what I got was a spring drive-by at 50 miles per hour, with ACT training, errand-running, and conference presentation-planning going through my head at 70 miles per hour, give or take.


Why did the first sign of spring have to live outside my world of fast driving and fast living? I wanted to slow down and discover it, not just drive past it. I also noticed that my first sighting wasn’t the only green field.  I saw green everywhere in my sprint back to the school. Don’t get me wrong, I was excited, but somewhere in there was mixed some disappointment — disappointment in the fact that I was too busy to enjoy it and take it inside me. I seem to remember that in previous springs, there is one patch of green here one day, and another the next day, and a little more hope hunkers down with each sighting. It seemed this year that each field had turned green overnight, and I found myself envying those who saw the first green patch, followed by another on another day, and those who allowed their green moment to re-start their heart. My real green moment for this spring will come. I just have a little more inversion socked in around my heart. I don’t think it will take much, though, to get outside to let spring come inside of me.

4 thoughts on “Slice of Life March Challenge — Green with Envy

  1. Ooh, I really like how the inversion became a metaphor for how you are feeling these days. It is disappointing when traditions we look forward to fall flat for one reason or another–but there is always next year!

  2. I love that you liken the inversion of air in weather to the compression of being too busy. Over busy does dull my view.
    Green, the first patch of green, must mean so much more than you can really say. And the time to savor it is a gem. Yes, enjoy your green moment when it comes.
    I got the tumbledy rambunctious feel of how busy you are.

  3. I often feel the same way. I have a beautiful drive into work each day, and I often think that I should stop and breathe in the moment instead of speeding along to my destination.

  4. Green with Envy, what a great title for a spring post. First time slicer? That’s awesome. Welcome! This will be a month full of silly complexities and wondrous words, from the look of it.

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